Monday, 31 March 2014


HTML/HTML5 are Hyper text markup language versions, both are different mainly for cross
browser and cross device compatibility. HTML is the language used to display various
contents on a webpage. If u want to see html codes of any web page u can just right click
on the browser window and select view page source, a new window will open containing the
html code snippet of the website on the browser.
Its called markup language as it has different tag markups for different contents. For Ex:-
<h1>, <a>, <div>, <head>, <body> etc.....
You can see the html layout of a webpage in the image attached above.
HTML5 came into existence due to the increasing use of smartphones to make a website
compatible on smaller screens of smartphones & tablets, to achieve this goal www has come
with some new tags or markups such as <section>, <article>, <nav>, <aside> etc. By using
these tags we can make a webpage flexible for different screen sizes